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Save money and help renewables
Convert your electric water heater into a smart sustainable device. With a simple plug.
Kickstarter campaign launching soon.
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Compatible with main brands
Heat escapes through your water heater.
Heat is energy, energy is money.
Use our free calculator to know how much it is in your case.
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Heat escapes through your water heater.
Use our free calculator to know how much energy and money it is in your case.
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Turn your hot water into something amazing
Klugit learns your hot water needs and delivers hot water only when is best for you and best for the environment.

Turn your hot water into something amazing

Klugit learns your hot water needs and delivers hot water only when is best for you and best for the environment.
through AI
Pays for itself saving >50€/year
Wi-Fi and app control
Hot water smart plug KLUGIT
Clean energy
Heat your water during sunny and windy periods
No tools needed
Just clip the sensor to your hot water pipe
Back-up showers
Choose showers' availability
Support a clean future for everyone
You don't need solar panels to enjoy guilt-free showers.

In Renewable friendly mode, Klugit gives priority to sunny and windy periods of the day , using renewable energy from large solar and wind parks to heat up your water. Know more ->
Never been easier to do what's right
Choose which plan best suits you.
All plans include plug, sensor and free app.
Rent Klugit for a monthly fee
  • *First 2 months for free
  • 3.5 € / month
  • Free delivery
  • Free updates
  • 15€ deposit
  • Cancel anytime
Launching soon
Buy Klugit without fees
85 €
  • Free delivery
  • Free updates
  • No additional fees
  • No deposit
  • Money back guarantee
Launching soon
For Astonishing Quests (FAQs)
Bold quests always come with doubts.
Is my water heater and Klugit a Tinder match?
Klugit is compatible with electric water storage or electric tanks from 50L till 300L, that come with a standard plug integrated.
What kind of sorcery is this?
Klugit has a sensor that clips around your hot water pipe. it detects when you normally use hot water and, by controlling the power supply to your water heater, heats up water when it is best for you.
I'm not a routine kind of person.
Was that a question? Anyhow, don't worry, you can select one shower always available and you also have a "heat now" option just in case.
Show me the money!
You will have immediate savings with Klugit. Electric water tanks start to heat up right after you shower and since they are not 100% isolated, they waste heat, energy and money throughout the rest of day. For an 80L tank Klugit will save you 240 kWh per year, equivalent to 48€/year (0,2€/kWh). For bigger tanks, bigger savings.
I love clean energy but my country not so much.
We cannot guarantee that in "renewable mode" your hot water will come from renewables, but facts are: the more demand we have during clean energy availability periods, the easier and cheaper will be for utilities to adopt renewables. So you will always help. More Klugits, more chances for a clean energy future (google "demand response devices" and grid interactive water heaters" for more info).
Blogging for a clean future
Learn more on how to go form wasting energy to fight climate change
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Calculate your potential savings
Electric water heaters' standby losses depend on water usage, tank size and other factors.

Use our free tool to calculate your potential savings.
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